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3 Reasons I Don't Want a New Point-of-Sale System

Posted by LPA Retail Systems, Inc on Apr 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Investing in a new liquor point of sale system can be a daunting task and hesitating is a normal reaction when buying a new system for your business. Overcoming that fear of change is a big step – and we’re here to help. Three of the most common reasons business owners don’t want to invest in a new system are:

  1. My cash register system works fine and I know my inventory and don’t need a more automated system.
  2. These systems are too expensive.
  3. These systems are too complicated for my staff. 

These are valid considerations and need to be addressed before proceeding with your investment.. Let’s examine three common inhibitors to taking the technology leap forward…You owe it to your business to do so.

I Know My Inventory

Over time you have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in your industry, product mix and customer base. You have become a subject matter expert based on your experiences and day to day observations. Who needs computer generated information when you have a gold mine of knowledge between your ears?

The data that you can extract from a good wine and liquor point of sale system doesn’t take the place of your skills, it compliments and enhances your talents. The most analytical liquor retailers are almost always the most successful.  By combining their instincts and experiences with objective, accurate and timely sales data they buy better and manage smarter.  

No matter how many times you walk around the store or speak to customers you will never be able to reach your potential as a buyer and manger without utilizing objective data to validate your decisions. Sophisticated point of sale systems for liquor stores helps to make good retailers great retailers.

These Systems Seem Too Expensive

OK, the benefit of automated data makes some sense, but these systems seem too expensive. A new point of sale solution needs to compete against any other capital acquisition. Will it increase sales, make money and provide tighter business controls? It can do all these things and more. An easy to use and professionally implemented system that has liquor store specific capabilities can pay for itself in a year.  You must start by defining your three to five main business objectives. For instance, you may decide that you intend to buy better, increase store traffic and enhance your customers’ experience. These objectives become part of your implementation plan. You will not see immediate results in all areas but you should be able to measure progress by teaming with a trusted point of sale provider.

Most point of sale systems are underutilized and therefore aren’t providing adequate value.  The investment should be producing higher returns. The secret is selecting a partner that can help you define your goals and work with you down the road to help you achieve those goals. When the partner is right and the plan is aggressively executed, your return on investment improves every year.


New Systems are Too Complicated for My Staff

Will your staff be able to understand and utilize the new technology? Of course! Point of sale systems have never been easier to use. With touch screen buttons and barcode scanning, most clerks become proficient in ringing up a sale within an hour. The more sophisticated task of financial reporting, inventory control, and purchasing will require more training time, but are still easy to accomplish with the right partner and training plan.

A good point of sale vendor will be able to adjust the pace and content of training to your staff’s skill set. By keeping training sessions short and arranging for additional training in 3 months, 6 months and then annually you will be able to maximize the utilization of your point of sale investment. There is only so much that your staff will be able to absorb during the initial installation. Be patient and positive and then make ongoing training part of your annual budget. Your staff and bottom line will thank you for it.

What is your next step? Start the conversation. Contact our team today for a free consultation and learn about the best pos system for wine and liquor retailers out there. 

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