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3 Resources to Increase Your Margins

Posted by Courtney Foster on Sep 21, 2015 2:01:16 PM

For retailers, maintaining profit margins is very important in order to understand the full scale of your company. Having knowledge of which products or services generates the largest profit margins is critical to developing a thriving retail business and determine which resources will ultimately ensure future expansion of your company. Below we have shared three main components that you should utilize in your point-of-sale (POS) software that can help you increase your margins.

Margin Analysis Reporting

Retailers who utilize margin analysis reporting, can gain valuable insight into what products are driving your margins. By taking advantage of this in-depth reporting tool, you can pinpoint where you need to address issues and help you identify where you need improvements. 

Email Marketing

Enhance your marketing strategy while increasing sales all through targeted email marketing. By leveraging customers’ previous sales data and managing all contacts from one tool, you can encourage repeat visits with higher sales margins. Use customer information and purchase history from your system to set up customer segments, such as VIPs, loyalty card members, or purchasers of specific products. Understanding their preferences and shopping habits lets you send more personalized emails to your customers and yields higher sales. 

Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program can be a powerful tool in advancing consumer engagement and keep shoppers coming back to your store again and again. Loyalty programs are often utilized in order to grow customer share, improve consumer retention and increase profits.  Typically, loyalty programs have an adjustable cost related to the program, which is the cost related with the rewards provided to loyal customers.

It is important to offer loyalty programs across all channels to address customers' needs. Whether they are shopping online, in-store or by mobile, shoppers should have their relevant data synchronized and readily available for their viewing pleasure. Offering customers these options enables a better understanding of how they interact with the brand and what motivates their shopping behavior. 


By investing in these three resources you can grow your company, increase marketing, improve technology and ultimately improve your gross profit margin.

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