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4 Ways To Enhance Your Sporting Goods Store

Posted by Kendall Reed on Mar 15, 2016 4:04:08 PM

You don’t have to run a large sporting goods company to form the competitive advantages that attract customers and incentivize them to keep coming back. Here are four ways to enhance your sporting goods store. 


Provide teams with concierge service. Your sporting goods point of sale can position your store as the premier partner to intramural teams, school sport teams and community leagues by ensuring you have the sporting goods inventory they need, exactly when they need it. NCR retail inventory management systems allow you to customize order quantities, and allocate specific items inventory if you have multiple locations, based on where various teams buy most often. If you negotiate bulk discounts with some organizations, you can also input customized pricing into your inventory management system — without having to create separate item numbers.

Customize marketing offers by customer activity. Show customers you know what equipment they use, how and when they may need to revamp it with customized marketing offers, generated directly through your sporting goods point of sale system. Its CRM capabilities empower you to create automated email marketing offers based on a customer’s past purchase to remind him/her when it’s time to revamp his/her sporting goods for optimal performance. You can also customize offers to promote the specific products and brands each customer is most likely to respond to, based on past purchases. Because campaigns can be delivered via email, you optimize your marketing costs and give customers the convenience of highly relevant digital promotion they can access on their smartphone while at your sporting goods POS when they’re ready to redeem.

Upsell every order while adding value. Sporting goods are only as valuable as their performance. Ensure your customers will be satisfied with their purchase by offering service warranties, additional parts and maintenance kits. NCR inventory management systems include serial number tracking to make it easy to maintain accurate records of warranties or additional parts customers may have purchased if they need to bring a product back for future service.

Allow customers to experience your products. Giving customers the opportunity to put your sporting goods products to use during in-store workshops or similar special events can showcase your staff’s expertise, build rapport with customers, and position your brand in the marketplace as one that’s well respected and trusted by sports enthusiasts. NCR’s sporting goods POS makes it simple to integrate your website with ticketing software. With this seamless experience, customers can register and pay for your special events, and purchase any equipment they may need in order to participate.

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