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5 Gardening Trends for 2017: Getting Ready for Father's Day Part 1

Posted by Kendall Reed on May 18, 2017 9:10:00 AM

Every great Father’s Day BBQ needs a great space to visit with your dad. Whether it be a
terrace, patio, yard, or even a porch: outdoor living is part of why we all love summer. The push over the past several years for these to incorporate both form and function has spread into which plants we choose. We’ve pulled out five trends you can incorporate into either your traditional or container gardening plans.


1. Plants that Draw a Buzz:

There is growing concern on the effects we’ve had on the pollinators, especially bees. Cone flowers, snapdragons, chives, and zinnias are a few of the plants that attract them as well as butterflies, hummingbirds, and other working pollinators. Planting beautiful flowers and useful herbs that attract these valuable laborers to help the environment and your garden.

2. Multipurpose Plants:

Some plants are as useful as they are pretty! Herbs such as rosemary and catnip look loverly and are readily available to use when cooking. Love cilantro? It’s leafy and fresh and their dried seeds are coriander - two spices in a single plant. Strawberries and lowbush blueberries are fantastic ground cover and delicious throughout the early summer months.

3. Succulents:

Low maintenance succulents are a beautiful addition to your space. Perfect for the ground or a container, their soft hues of greens and purples are an amazing off-set to your other plants.

4. Native Plants:

It may seem obvious but it’s easy to overlook; if a plant is native to your area it’s more likely to thrive in your garden. Additionally, as they are well suited for the environmental conditions of your area they will likely need less water and overall care. They even benefit local wildlife.

5. Edible Plants:

Edible plants are becoming more and more popular for both the front and the back yard. Beautiful colors and leaves bring texture to this utilitarian project! Crawling cucumbers, climbing tomatoes, fresh greens: nothing tastes better than the food you’ve grown yourself. Serve this salad at your Father’s Day BBQ!

Helping to get your and your customers gardens ready for Father’s Day can be easy. A few great trends, some water and a little work and they’re ready to go. And for you, the shop owner, it can be even easier. With NCR Counterpoints solution you can manage inventory across locations, get text messages about your sales when you’re not at the store, and more. We look at each of our clients as a partner: our success depends on how easy we make it for you to succeed.

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