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5 Key Features of Your POS Back Office

Posted by Courtney Foster on Jul 15, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Most small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their operations, specifically in the complex back office environment. Efficient POS software is nothing without a powerful back office to match. POS back office solutions enable centralized management of all content required to operate stores, touch points and item catalogs. When it comes to your back office system, there are a few key features that you can utilize in order to enhance your business strategies and ultimately grow your enterprise down the road. 

Inventory & Order Management 

A reliable business selling solution combines your inventory management and order management systems as they need to be in sync to enable you to provide accurate product information to your shoppers. Knowing where your merchandise is, tracking how much you have and updating your merchandise counts are essential when managing your enterprise inventory.

If you don’t have an item in stock for a customer, the order management feature allows you to take orders and put items on layaway right at the point-of-sale. This feature simplifies processing a high volume of orders, including mail, telephone and e-Commerce orders. It also enriches your customer’s shopping experience as you’ve not only shown you care about their needs, but you’ve saved them further time by ordering it on their own.

By syncing your inventory and order management system to your POS system, you can track everything you sell all in one place. Additionally, a mobile POS to track all the rich inventory and order data that is available in your in-store application right from your fingertips. (See mobile operations management below)

Secure Cash Handling 

All retail business owners know how important it is to streamline their cash operations. Utilizing a cash management solution can take out some of the frustration and time required to balance cash at the end of each day.

Mobile Operations Management 

Most large corporations have made the transition to utilizing mobile point-of-sale solution. With mobile POS, your store associates can access store information in the palm of their hands including inventory, as well as receive alerts for security issues or key events so they can address them as soon as they happen. By providing this tool to your employees, you can get them out of the back office and out on the sales floor.

Returns Validation 

Being able to accept returns safely is important to your retail business as accurate returns protect both you and your consumer. This feature allows you to have more control over returned merchandise by validating returns against the original sale receipt to ensure you sold the item and you refund exactly what the customer paid. Additionally, this feature can help prevent false returns of items that were not purchased at your store, as well as prevent customers from returning additional merchandise than they initially purchased.

Workforce & Payroll Management 

It is important to be aware and listen to the needs of your staff as well as having a solution that can help you keep up with staff changes. By putting this feature into practice, you can coordinate a workforce labor plan while maintaining an established budget. You can also forecast all your labor plans with analytics to determine the best labor model for your business as well as set your schedules in a timely manner. This solution also allows you to go mobile; giving your employees complete access to all their schedules and much more. 

Taking advantage of these key peripherals can help you devote less time to back office administration and more time to serving customers and training your employees. These features not only make serving your customers easy and efficient, but can also extend your business efficiencies.

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