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Can Your Lawn and Garden Point of Sale Cater to Today’s Consumer?

Posted by Kendall Reed on Jun 2, 2015 3:57:00 PM

The millennials are coming – how can your lawn and garden store keep up with this dynamic new shopping group? Below are a few key millennial trends that are appearing in the garden industry. We’ve outlined ideas and key lawn and garden point of sale features that can help you connect with this emerging market. 

1. They want a customized experience

  • Send customer promotions and emails based on their history at your store site. An email marketing tool that’s integrated to your point of sale makes it easy to target certain customers based on their purchase history. If a customer bought a flat of plants last spring, send them an email advertising those plants along with a promotion for a few gardening tools. 

  • During their transaction, print and customize forms to include specific information about the items they’re purchasing. Information can include planting advice, growing instructions or similar items. 

2. Young men ages 18 - 34 are spending $100 more than average at garden centers: Target and reward this group through loyalty programs. Collect customer demographic information at your point of sale and then keep track of their future purchases for discounts, free items and rewards. 

3. They appreciate and want to support the local market

  • Participate in local festivals to connect with customers and expand your business beyond just your store doors. Mobile point of sales make it easy to transact and collect customer information when you’re at such festivals. 

  • Advertise any local vendor you work with. Educate your customers on how you are also supporting the local community, be it on social media or in store. Your lawn and garden pos should help you track items by vendor to make it easier to find and advertise.

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4. They want the ability to shop from anywhere: When they’re not in the dirt, those green thumbs are texting, surfing and tweeting from digital devices.

Expand your business online and into the world of eCommerce. Customize your site to continue your brand and business methods, while offering customers the ability to research your products online. Ship to store options make it easy for customers to order and pick up larger items at your store.  

5. Consumers are not gardening for just aesthetic reasons, but also for personal nourishment and to protect the environment. 

  • Email receipts or text consumers promotional information to continue the green effort. Going paperless shows your customers your concern for their world. 

  • Advertise your business message and educate your customers on gardening best practices. Connect with them via email and social platforms and offer ideas of how to grow a vegetable garden, what soil is best for planting a certain tree species, etc.
  • Promoting the environment and health benefits in addition to your products is a great way to attract customers. 

Managing your business while marketing to your customers is a tricky balance in the lawn and garden world. A flexible and robust retail management system can help you excel at this balance and keep you moving forward.  

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