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Creating the Omnichannel Experience in Retail

Posted by Kendall Reed on Jun 2, 2015 8:30:00 AM

It’s the biggest buzzword in today’s industry: Omnichannel. What is omnichannel? Why is it such a big deal? What are the features to create omnichannel experience? 


What is Omnichannel?

In its most basic form, omnichannel refers to a customer receiving a seamless shopping experience regardless of the channel or device. For instance, a customer navigating through your online store should see the same prices and products as when they walk into your physical store.

Why is it such a big deal?

With each passing year, customers’ expectations dictate how business should market their products andfeatures to create omnichannel experience brand. If businesses do not cater to these expectations, they not only lose that customer but future potential customers. The unhappy customer has the ability to reflect your brand and business on the internet, be it social sites or review platforms.

Ensuring that their experience is customized and enjoyable secures a loyal customer and, therefore, a new promoter for your business.

What are the POS business  features to create omnichannel experience?

  • Create customized marketing campaigns. Send your customer a happy birthday email with a coupon attached. Use their purchase history to remind them when they need to buy a new pair of running shoes or recommend a product based on what they purchased before. Such custom emails and alerts will grab your customers attention more than just a generic campaign.
  • Implement a Mobile Strategy. Cater to customers well before they make an actual purchase. Implement an eCommerce strategy so customers can access your store right from their fingertips. Add a mobile POS so your sales associates can help customers in the aisles.
  • Integrate and engage across all channels. Ensure that you have one inventory database that connects to your in store and online store items. Offer the ability for your customers to share their purchase or experience on social networks. Connect with customers via email and social networks after they’ve made their purchase.

Creating the omnichannel experience  involves ensuring your back end pos business system is prepared to help customers on the front end. Your retail management should not only help you run your business, but should also include features to create the omnichannel experience. 

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