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Customer Spotlight: SoCal Wine and Spirits

Posted by Rapid Bev POS on Mar 23, 2017 10:04:01 AM

NCR Counterpoint Enables this Owner to Make Informed Choices

SoCalWine and Spirits is a singular-site wine and liquor store in Tustin, California. When purchased 

socalwineandspiritsedited.pngby owner John Nigoghosian, he took stock of more than just the inventory and soon realized he needed to bring an innovative retail management system into the business. John had used NCR Counterpoint point of sale software in a previous role and knew just where to turn. 

John’s experience with NCR Counterpoint software was all he needed to identify what he felt was a far superior solution to the previous point-of-sale software. When John purchased the business in 2014, the existing software was one-store module, so future multisite expansion was not possible. Additionally, the store’s data was locked away in a proprietary database, limiting his options. Other features that were key to John’s decision making process included NCR Counterpoint’s: 

Between the capability of the software and the credibility of his selected NCR Reseller Partner, Rapid Bev POS, John knew this system and partnership would enhance his business processes. 

SoCal Wine and Spirits purchased two NCR Terminals with an Ingenico device for chip card processing and e-Signature capture. With this robust solution and great visibility into daily operations of the store, the software and solutions help John and his team be more efficient with their time and store management.

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Like many SMB retailers, John’s nightmare is sitting on a stockpile of unsold, unwanted inventory. With a great level of inventory detail and informed purchasing decisions, additional stockpile can be avoided. John remarks that by being able to track annual/seasonal sales, he has a well-balanced inventory. He can ensure that he’s not running out of merchandise during peak periods, but also isn’t overbuying and left with large quantities of unsold product. 

When first asked which of the liquor point of sale software features were the most beneficial to his liquor business, John replied without hesitation: the history function. The history function allows him to manage SoCal Wine and Spirits’ inventory more effectively; the detailed product reporting allows him to see the products’ previous sales behavior (what was sold, how quickly it was sold, shelf life, etc.) so he can make a more informed purchase regarding that product in the future. 

“With the ability to view real-time sales data I am able to easily
project sales volume (via multi-year historical trends),
and as a result I effortlessly make smart purchasing decisions,”

- John Nigoghosian, Owner 

Diving Into the Data

A top feature for the wine and liquor retailer is reporting—be it inventory reports to make purchasing decisions, as mentioned above, or pulling daily sales reports. Business thrives because quick responses are made based upon relevant data. John explains, “NCR Counterpoint is a solution that directly impacts my day-to-day sales. The robust reporting features tell me everything I need to know about running my business efficiently, especially as it relates to inventory management.” 

NCR Counterpoint offers 40+ templated reports and all reports may be customized and filtered so that John may zero in on exactly what he needs to see. John uses many of the current reporting functions offered within NCR Counterpoint, including: the general sales report, which displays daily, weekly and monthly sales; the sales tax report; and the profitability report, to name a few. He explains that two of his most frequently used reports are the Sales Category Report and Profitability Report. One provides summary at a category level so that John stays up on trend changes while the other allows item level profitability analysis. Both reports may be customized to show results for any time period that John wishes to evaluate. With this level of reporting, John is able to keep sales trending up by adjusting category mix according to changing consumer demands and keeps margins on target by easily identifying and quickly correcting pricing mistakes. 

“What I appreciate the most is how I am able to easily customize
the data to show me exactly what I need to know at that moment.”

- John Nigoghosian, Owner

Investing in Your Business

By purchasing a premium solution like NCR Counterpoint, businesses are investing in their business on several levels. In the first year of using NCR Counterpoint, SoCal Wine and Spirits saw an increase of 25% in sales and has maintained a 25% increase year over year. 

Investing in NCR Counterpoint point of sale system for liquor is also an investment in a partnership as NCR Reseller Partners are there to help with the installation and ongoing maintenance of the software. John attests to the importance of this partnership as Rapid Bev POS’ customer service, availability, and in-depth technical knowledge has helped the SoCal Wine and Spirits team immensely. Their partnership is one of the primary reasons SoCal Wine and Spirits intends to continue with NCR Counterpoint in the future as they plan to expand their store to a second location and double their sales volume within the next 5 years. 

A healthy partnership, a robust inventory management program and detailed data at their fingertips all help ensure SoCal Wine and Spirits has a strong future in California’s wine and liquor market. 

Apply what John has learned for your own business. See how NCR Counterpoint liquor store system can benefit you today!

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