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If Liquor Really is Quicker, Can Your Point of Sale Keep Up?

Posted by Casey Albert on Mar 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As I’m standing in a long line, waiting to buy my “fancy” $20 bottle of wine for a friend’s dinner party, these thoughts start running through my head: “This is taking too long, do I really need this wine? Should I go to a different liquor store? Is there a shorter line? Should I get a cheaper bottle? Now I’m really going to be late.”

These are all thoughts you never want your customers thinking, but how do you speed up those lines? 

Line Busting Tools

Using your iPhone or iPad, you can create checkout lines on the fly to keep customer wait times to a minimum.

  • Utilize a line busting tool to speed up checkout lines
  • Attract more people to sign up for your loyalty program by only line busting loyalty program members
  • Line busting tools can also be used for physical inventory and inventory receiving 

Barcodes and Barcode Readers

Make sure all of your items have barcodes, so cashiers can quickly and easily scan items during the checkout process.

  • Auto create barcodes as items are entered or use existing vendor barcodes by scanning them into the system. 

Keyword Search

What happens if a barcode falls off? Make sure your liquor point-of-sale system has an easy and intuitive keyword search function, for fast item look ups.

  • Keywords can be used to find substitute items with lightning speed.
  • Keywords can also be helpful for looking up loyalty members, customer’s past purchases, in stock items, and much more! 

Intuitive and Fast Point of Sale Buttons

Touchscreen buttons of your most popular items that are directly on your point-of-sale checkout screen can help cashiers increase checkout speed.

  • Quickly edit and update point-of-sale buttons from your back office computers.
  • Use Touchscreen buttons for lost barcode tags, applying discounts and adding new customers. 

Additional point-of-sale software for wine and liquor stores features that can enhance your customers experience at your liquor store are:

  • Promotions and discounts that apply automatically
  • Blazing fast credit card authorizations
  • Save paper by emailing receipts
  • Ability to quickly add or lookup customer information and check ID’s with license scanners
  • Built-in customer loyalty programs to keep customers coming back
  • Fully integrated email marketing tools 

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