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Using Social Media to Engage Customers and Drive Traffic to your Store

Posted by Darlene McQueen on Feb 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Last year around the holidays I unsuccessfully drove to three liquor stores to find Blue Curacao.  At the 4th store with just one bottle on the shelf, the business owners said “Why is there such a run on Blue Curacao this year?”  I pulled out my phone and showed him an incredibly delicious picture of a drink recipe circulating Facebook called “Jack Frost”, and one of the main ingredients was….Blue Curacao. 

So how can liquor stores like yours use a similar campaign strategy to engage current customers, sell more products and extend your reach? 

Create a Campaign

For starters, how about a “Drink of the Week” Campaign? Engage your customers in just a few easy steps:

1.  Start by creating a drink.
2. Give the drink a fun name, like “Jack Frost”.
3. Publish a Facebook-worthy photo or a video that will catch the eyes of your followers.
4. Be sure to include your brand’s logo on the photo. Include the recipe and use that opportunity to promote certain brands, like “CIROC,” instead of just Vodka. 
5. Make it fun for all!  Involve your employees by encouraging them to bring their concoctions to be featured. Get your customers rating the drinks, or share pictures of them enjoying the cocktails.

Get Ready to Sell

Once you engage your customers on Facebook, be sure to carry the campaign experience into your store! Below are a few ideas of instore activities to further the drink campaign's engagement:

  • Create in-store displays to make it easy to purchase all the ingredients.
  • Use your liquor inventory management solution to ensure you have and maintain ample stock on your “Drink of the Week” ingredients.
  • Create “Drink of the Week” sales kits and use your point of sale solution to assemble and sell these kits easily.
  • Use your wine and liquor point of sale solution to automatically create special pricing on the ingredients in the “Drink of the Week”.
  • Pull sales reports to determine the success of your campaign.
  • If you have an integrated email marketing solution similar to NCR’s Customer Connect use this to target customers who have purchased these kits and send emails to encourage them to rate their experience online.

Be Sure to Commit

Before you begin this campaign make sure you are committed to following it through.  The last thing you want to do is promote a “Drink of the Week” campaign and stop after two weeks.

This is one of countless marketing ideas you can use to engage your customers online and bring them in store. To really round out the campaign, invest in a fully integrated software solution that can help you track and get full reporting on the success of your marketing efforts. The number of Facebook likes is only as great as the sales numbers. 

Learn more about how you can pursue marketing opportunities with your fully integrated point of sale system for liquor stores. Contact our team today to set up a consultation. 

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