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What to Drink with the Latest BBQ Trends: Getting Ready for Father's Day Part 2

Posted by Kendall Reed on May 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th and we cannot wait to get outside with our dads to fire up the BBQ in the back yard! Grilling, smoking, or hot dogs over a campfire, we’re in. But what is trending right now? Here are our findings:

  • Smokers are still increasing in popularity! The low and slow methods of smoking meats, fish and cheeses at home fill the neighborhood with that great smell and the fridge with amazing leftovers - if you manage not to eat it all!

  • Going meatless is the new thing! From the classic grilled veggies and black bean burgers to the new meat-alternative burgers that we hear are as tasty as they are better for us, there are options to make every herbivore happy!

  • For the devoted carnivores, artisan butchered meats are taking the stage this year. With cowboy cuts being only the beginning of their speciality select options, our butchers are getting creative and we benefit.

  • Say ‘Good Morning’ to breakfast on the grill. In 2017 we expect to see more smoked eggs or mile high pancakes cooked outside.

  • Cavemen are in this year, or at least the ‘in the flame’ method of grilling. Steaks, corn, even eggplant goes directly on the coals and in the flames for a deliciously charred meal.

  • Pizza never seems to go out of style. This year grill it and let that smokiness into the crust and cheese in a melty madness!

And don’t forget the technology: With so many bluetooth/digital thermometers out there there’s no reason to over cook you meal!

Now that they’ve got a great meal planned, what will they drink with it?

  • Beer is always an option, but the face of beer is evolving. Though mass marketed brews are holding their ground, smaller craft beers are growing in popularity. Mixed packs that allow customers to sample from several local brews may be a good way to help them find that beer they’ll keep coming back to you for. IPAs are known to compliment that burger

  • Wine is as popular as ever! From the light, crisp, citrus notes of a white to pair with grilled fish, to the complex richness of a bourbon barrel red to go with a grilled steak, there are options to make that BBQ complete.

  • Bourbon. There are few alchols as associated with classic BBQ as Bourbon. Served on the rocks or neat, there are varieties from smoked to straight, to bring the sweetness to your savory meal.

  • Gin and tonic is a classic summertime drink. The botanical tastes of juniper pair nicely with smoked cheeses and seafoods.

  • Vodka will pair well with anything as long as it’s mix-in does. Vodka (diet) tonic with lemon is a nice, lower sugar, ‘adult lemonade’ to go with most of your BBQ creations.

  • Rum is a sweet taste of the islands, even when you’re BBQing on the mainland. Mixing well with sodas and juices it pairs well with white meats and salads.

  • Tequila! Margaritas, punches and fizzes: no matter how you mix it tequila is associated with a great meal. Pairing well with anything mexican, it’s the sweet to compliment the spicy.

  • Brandy and Cognac are a good way to end off your meal. It pairs well with desserts and fruit dishes.  

NCR Counterpoint’s inventory management for liquor stores can help you be sure you’re ready for the Father’s Day BBQ. It doesn’t matter if you sell the meat, the veggies, or the beverages, our liquor pos systemdoes so much more than sales. The reporting will help you plan ahead effectively and then, keep accurate count with the ability to even do particle inventory freezes for on the fly checking when you need it. With easy to use software the front and back of the house will work in harmony.


Is your liquor store ready to support that Father's Day BBQ? Learn more about our full set of liquor point of sale features, and remember, no matter what you end up grilling, make sure you take a moment between bites to thank your Dad this Father’s Day.

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