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Why Landscapers Should Accept Mobile Payments

Posted by Kendall Reed on Mar 15, 2016 3:57:35 PM

As spring approaches, your potential to renew relationships with past customers and begin working with new prospects is in full bloom. Here’s how some mobile payment solutions can help you stand out from other landscaping providers, and make a lasting impression on customers.


Customers expect payment options. A mobile POS equips you to let customers choose how they’ll pay — whether that’s cash, credit or debit card. Even if a secure Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, you can collect the customer’s payment data on a mobile POS terminal, but suspend processing until a secure connection is established.

Payment flexibility may mean more profit. Mobile payments don’t just give customers the option to pay for your services; they may be more willing to splurge on upgrades like landscape design, or higher end materials. A study by Dun & Bradstreet revealed that customers spend up to 18 percent more per transaction when they pay with credit.

Expedite your cash flow. Aside from eliminating the risk that a customer won’t pay you for work, a mobile POS empowers you to safeguard your business’s cash flow. You can collect customer payment for landscaping materials you need to purchase to begin a job, or process incremental mobile payments as various phases of larger jobs are completed. You can even collect deposits from customers in order to book time on your schedule with a mobile POS. Most mobile payment providers electronically transfer approved funds into your account within 72 hours of transaction approval, to save you a trip to the bank. 

Boost your professionalism. When small-business landscape owners incorporate mobile lawn and garden POS into their business processes, it helps level the playing field against big-name competitors and big-box landscaping retailers. Customers aren’t forced to go with the established brand, simply to have payment flexibility or the peace of mind that work is guaranteed. When customers can pay with credit, they have the assurance of merchant dispute protection offered by their creditor (though data compiled by the National Federation of Independent Business indicates that “chargebacks” resulting from customer disputes about a small business’s work are uncommon). Mobile POS systems also provide the customer with a legitimate paper trail of payments, including electronic receipts that can be sent to customers via email or text.

Reduce your risk. Cash-only business models increase your risk exponentially. Customers may not pay on time (or ever) — but you still have to pay your vendors and team. If a customer writes a check from an account with insufficient funds, you may have to pay fees to your bank for the bounced check. If a dishonest worker collects cash from a customer and doesn’t record the transaction, you could be left without payment — and little recourse but to pursue legal action. 

Why NCR Counterpoint?

NCR Counterpoint’s lawn and garden POS software fits seamlessly into your life as a landscaper, helping with your unique landscaping business needs. Ideal for the nursery industry, our software enables you to track and manage complex inventory, vendors and purchasing, with hardware that is durable and specially designed to withstand elements that landscapers face. Provide customers with a positive payment experience from anywhere, improve your business finances, and lower your risk. Given all these benefits, the question isn’t why landscapers should accept mobile payments, but rather, why not?

To learn more about how our lawn and garden POS equipment can help your landscaping business, contact the team at NCR Counterpoint today!

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